ADA Consultation – We provide training to architects, construction companies, business owners, governmental agencies, company owners, employees, and people with disabilities of the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Plan Review – CACS can review your building/remodeling project plans to ensure ADA compliance prior to the construction phase. This enables the process to be more efficient.

Presentations – Our presentation services will educate, inform, and advocate to various organizations, schools, colleges/universities, businesses and agencies on the importance for including people with disabilities and the aging population. The presentations are encouraging and interactive.

Workshops – CACS tailors workshops to the company, agency, or organizational needs. We offer comprehensive disability-specific orientation in facilitating them, while providing education and awareness of its content.

Focus Groups – We help you and your staff to understand the needs of the aging population and people with disabilities, on inclusiveness in areas of the ADA. The results of our focus groups will provide information to be shared with research groups, who analyze its findings.

Sensitivity Training – is an educational service offering role playing, testimonials, video clips, and interactive training, by focusing on how to meet, greet, and interact with a person with a disability.

Disability Etiquette – is an educational service designed to enhance how to meet, greet, and communicate using the appropriate language upon interacting with people with disabilities in social settings; it is designed as an interactive participatory training session.

Visit-ability Consultations – Learn innovative, cost effective ways to transform your home to one that is inviting to all of your guests. We provide cost effective assessments based on individual needs.

Motivational Speaking – Through personal stories of achievement CACS provides insight on how to overcome obstacles which are faced today by many. Our sessions are designed not only to enhance awareness, but also to enlighten, encourage, and offer a positive outlook toward life’s issues of diversity.

Coaching – Our coaching services are geared to helping youth groups with disabilities navigate through daily challenges, assisting with life choices, and showing them pathways towards achieving goals.

Customized Image Coaching and Training – Image Consulting for persons with disabilities is a training course designed to the advice techniques that the professional needs to have to work with visual and motor impairment. The objective of the training is to increase their client’s confidence and self-esteem through individual image management services and tele-coaching; also bring together professionals in fashion and disability; and aims to a better identification of needs on the topic and the sharing of information about fashion and people.

The analyses of volumes, the silhouettes, and the understanding of imperatives related to disability, the adapted fashion and training of the non-verbal and verbal communication, make-up sessions and practical training activities are some of the areas that are covered in the training.