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Designs 4 Living Summer Issue – Read Ellen’s article about accessible homes. Ellen is featured on pages 5, 9, and 10.
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7 Ways to Communicate Effectively with People Who Live with Disabilities

Ellen Shackelford on Good Morning Washington, WJLA-ABC7 / NewsChannel 8
Click here to view the video on NewsChannel 8’s website.

Disability Consultant Shares Her Story

Ellen Shackelford on Round Robin Show

Floating wheelchair allows woman to feel ocean for the first time in 34 years

Read full story here.

Area Events

Ellen was a featured speaker at “Going Beneath the Surface: Celebrate Differences”, the 6th Annual Diversity Summit held by US Fleet Forces Command EEO Center of Excellence, Portsmouth, Virginia. Ellen’s featured session, “Disability Etiquette”, was June 19, 2019.

Ellen had the opportunity to participate as a judge for the Ms. Wheelchair Virginia Pageant in January 2019. Learn more here.

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