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  • Increase Your Disability Awareness Online Course


    The Connections Access Consulting Services online course will provide an array of self-study material and help you examine the misconceptions and stereotypes regarding people living with disabilities and health-related illnesses. It will enhance your learning of how to omit apprehensions and awkward moments in social situations. Most people want to be sensitive and respectful but may not be knowledgeable. We have provided useful tools and strategies to raise your awareness of the largest minority group. It will introduce the constant attitudinal barriers society has placed upon the disability arena. In addition, this course will help you develop skills needed to effectively communicate, interact, and work with people with disabilities and those living with health-related illnesses.

    The CACS online program has three levels. In an in-person class forum, these are two-hour sessions. However, online courses will be taken at your chosen time and are more flexible. In addition, each level may have several sections incorporated into the lesson. All course levels should be taken in sequence. Also, at the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of participation.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to purchase access to this course for your business or organization, please contact us here before purchase to request a group discount.

  • Words Matter: Using Appropriate Words and Communication With Meaning


    ISBN# 978-1-6847-0998-4

    Words Matter.

    Appropriate words and communication with meaning is a book on how to talk write and interact with persons living with disabilities. Often persons living with disabilities are overlooked by unconscious injustice, as attitudinal barriers take root instead of noticing the person first. Learn how to choose words more meaningful while addressing the person, and not the disability. The information within is intended to raise awareness regarding the many facets of disability, how to include people, with disabilities while omitting behavioral obstacles, making all social situations inclusive for persons living with disabilities and health related illnesses.

  • Reflections on The Spiritual Journey of Caregivers


    This book is comprised of collections of inspiring, uplifting stories by family members of loved ones who have experienced the challenges and lessons of caring and giving.

    Our Editor – Carol Powell is a wonderful inspirational person who has dedicated this book to all caregivers everywhere. She is a licensed and ordained minister at the Gethsemane Baptist Church in Newport News, VA where the Reverend Dr. Dwight Riddick is Senior Pastor.

    After reading this book, I am certain you will be inspired and encouraged and blessed by the stories shared within.

  • Disability Etiquette Matters


    ISBN# 978-1-45685-560-4 Learn how to address issues of diversity in all levels. While diversity includes people with disabilities, they are often overlooked and unconscious injustice occurs when one is confronted in communication and inclusion. The proper rules of etiquette in addressing, speaking and interacting with people with disabilities have been put together in a way…

  • Beyond Disability


    ISBN# 978-1-4931-7708-0 Is a workbook that talks about the matters of importance in the lives of young people who have been unconsciously taken for granted as talented, worthy, valuable and good decision makers despite their disability; it focuses on matters of youth and young adults living with disabilities and addresses what types of issues they…

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