Top Ten Reasons to Learn Sign Language

  1. Sign language brings together persons living with hearing loss, and hearing people. The only connections people have with one another are through communication. Signing would be a great connection to those who are not able to speak in voice. 
  2. You can make friends with persons living with hearing loss. People who are not able to speak in voice are able to communicate and foster healthy relationships too.
  3. Sign language is beautiful. Learning to speak with your hands is a beautiful way to communicate, for it reiterates the feeling of words relayed.
  4. You can communicate across the room without shouting. Being able to sign definitely has advantages, especially when you can talk, yell or relay a message without being heard out loud.
  5. Sign language is a neat way to express you. Signing shows off the ability to be animated in a beautiful way. 
  6. You can sign underwater. Such a great way to relay an urgent message, without opening your mouth. 
  7. Hearing people can communicate with their children who have lost their hearing. Sign language is a love language. It can be passed on to the entire family.
  8. You can sign with your mouth full. Talking with your mouth full of food or drink is not a good idea, so being able to talk regardless is a plus and more acceptable. 
  9. Sign language is a 3-D language. When you speak in voice, it gives off vibration; however, sign language shows motion and facial expression.
  10.  You can communicate through windows. Being able to speak through the art of sign language is an awesome way to communicate. 

(Resource: Virginia Association for the Deaf, Inc. (2003). Words Matter – Using appropriate words and communication with meaning. Copyright 2020, p.58, Connections Access Consulting Services.)